Lost & Found Animals

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Start by checking the Lost & Found Gallery on our Facebook page to see if the animal has been reported missing. If not, call the shelter to file a Found Animal report. We encourage you to send us a photo of the animal via Facebook Messenger and we will post it in our gallery in hopes of locating the owner.

It's also a good idea to post information on other social media sites such as Cincinnati Tri-State Area Lost and Found Pets (includes NKY and SE IN)Lost Pets Of Clermont County Ohio and your local Nextdoor forum. 

Make sure to check the animal for a microchip. You can take the animal to a local vet to scan for a microchip, or here at the shelter.

Some additional information on helping a found pet can be found here: HSUS Tips to help a Stray Animal 



If your pet is microchipped and licensed, you greatly increase its chances of getting back to you should they turn up at a shelter.

If your pet has gone missing, taking action immediately is important. Contact local shelters to see if your pet has founds his or her way there. You can send us a photo of your lost pet, along with relevant information about date and location your animal went missing, and we will make a courtesy post for you in our online Lost & Found Album. The best way to send it our way is as a private message via our Facebook page. It will be quickest and most effective for you to be the contact person listed should someone have a lead on your animal, so please share the personal contact information that you are comfortable making public. Please tag yourself on the post and check comment activity as we cannot monitor and follow-up on comments on your behalf.

The first thing you need to do is create eye-catching posters & fliers - immediately and in bulk! Canvas the area. Be on foot, in car, offer a REWARD (even a nominal amount will get people's attention), and post a contact number, talk to everyone, be sure to answer every call and keep your phone CHARGED! The first few hours are the most critical, before the animal wanders too far. You'd be surprised how far an animal can travel in a matter of days.

Consider issuing a petamberalert.com and post to local Lost Pet Pages: 

Lost and Found Pets of Cincinnati (Pawboost)
Lost and Found Pets of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati Tri-State Lost and Found Pets

In the Cincinnati area, we even have a Pet Detective that can help in the search. http://www.helpinglostpets.com/v2/EditPet_Start.aspx

Finding Rover is a national lost and found database which utilizes pet facial recognition to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Nextdoor.com is an excellent resource for finding a lost pet because they have a Lost/Found section and the posting will notify neighbors in your immediate area.

And finally, once your pet is found, please EDIT or remove your original social media posts so that everyone who has shared knows your pet is home safe and won't continue to share. This will help keep the airways clear and allow people to focus on finding those animals still trying to find their way home.

Never give up hope - some animals are reunited years after they have gone missing. 

Click here for a free Lost Pet Recovery Guide.

Click here for Pethub's Lost Pet Checklist.