Foster a Shelter Animal in your Home

Help us save more animals by a short-term outing for a dog or a temporary home for an animal to get it ready for adoption. There are several reasons fostering is needed:

  • Foster care can save an animal’s life when the shelter is full, allowing us to intake an animal we might not otherwise be able to.
  • Short-term outings range from an hour Lunch Date, a daily outing, or a Weekend Getaway. These excursions, no matter how short, are a wonderful break for a dog that allows them to decompress from shelter life with long-lasting benefits. And these outings are fun for you, too! 
  • Some animals just need a quiet, loving place to recover for a few days or weeks from surgery, illness or injury before they are ready for adoption.
  • Some animals don’t do well in a shelter environment because they are frightened or need a little extra attention or care.
  • Nursing moms with litters, and kittens or puppies under 8 weeks of age with fragile immune systems need time to grow and become strong before they can be sterilized, vaccinated and made available for adoption.  

Giving love to an animal for a short period on its journey to finding a forever home is fun and rewarding, and a great way for families to give back. Fostering can be for a few days, a few weeks or a few months, depending upon the circumstances.  It is also a great way to experience the joy of having a pet for a short period if you're not in a position to make a lifetime commitment. If you're interested in fostering, please complete and submit the application below and a shelter representative will contact you shortly.

Thanks so much for helping us save more lives!