Spay/Neuter Services


Spay/Neuter Services

Six to eight million healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are admitted to animal shelters in our country every year. Of these only a small percentage are reclaimed, adopted or rescued leaving three to four million to be euthanized. We believe that a No-Kill community for cats and dogs in Clermont County is achievable, but it will take both adoption and spay/neuter of homeless animals to get us there. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted births, substantially reducing the number of animals that will end up in shelters by preventing hundreds of thousands of unwanted kitten and puppy births annually. 

To help stop the cycle of unwanted animals, Clermont Animal CARE offers the following spay/neuter resources and support to Clermont residents. 

Free transport to the UCAN Spay/Neuter Clinic the 4th Tuesday of every month. Clermont Animal CARE is a designated pickup location for the clinic, providing round-trip transport to the Camp Washington clinic, located 28 miles away. 

United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) operates a non-profit, low-cost spay/neuter clinic to service low-income pet owners, people caring for free-roaming cats, rescue groups, and animal shelters. Price for a standard dog surgery is $75, and now through the end of the year, Clermont residents can get their cat spayed or neutered for only $20*. (*Note: $20 price for cats represents a 50% discount, and is made available through a generous grant specifically for Clermont County residents). Call 513-762-0130 to schedule an appointment.

Smith's Pit Stop, founded by Clermont Animal CARE's Board President, is a local non-profit that offers free spay/neuters for pitbulls in the Greater Cincinnati area. You can make a request online to take advantage of this service.

League for Animal Welfare (LFAW) is a private no-kill shelter in Batavia dedicated to advocating for spaying and neutering pets in our community. The League’s Spay/Neuter Voucher Program began three decades ago as a way to offer financial assistance to pet owners, making these surgeries more affordable. Vouchers cover $30 per cat and $50 per dog toward the cost of surgery, with pet owners contributing the balance. Vouchers are accepted at many local veterinary clinics. After scheduling an appointment for your pet(s), call the League at 513-735-2299 to request a voucher.  Vouchers are emailed directly to pet owners and must be presented to the clinic at the time of service.  Your vet will deduct the voucher amount from your spay/neuter surgery.